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Posted by Admin on Monday, May 21, 2012

Kitchen interior design is one of the most popular region in the interior design. It is also one of the most expensive room to re-design. It is a lot of people will attempt to execute itself when it comes to remodeling their kitchen. But if you choose to hire an interior designer, can be prepared to spend a lot of money then.

Or do it yourself, hire a designer whether the interior design of your kitchen, careful planning is required in order to achieve the effect you are looking for in the design. You need to be aware of some of the biggest mistake done in the house if doing it yourself, to redesign the kitchen of their own.

simple kitchen interior design ideassimple kitchen interior design ideas

One of these mistakes is not to take advantage of storage space in the kitchen to the interior design of the kitchen. For convenience, there should be about 48-72 inches of the cabinet of dishes and glass sink, dishwasher, above. It should have 72 inches of cabinet space near your oven to hold the plates and cooking supplies from about 40 eight. Cabinet or base cabinet floor, you will need to be placed close to the stove for pots and pans.

Another way to use the space is to make clothes and blind corner storage device, such as what is called a lazy Susan and cookware caddy. Can be equipped with a full extension glide, or a partition in order not only to the drawer in the kitchen more efficient, to use that space.

One big mistake is installing the island's already too big interior design of the kitchen. Island counter There are a great addition to the kitchen, must be 20 inches wide and 30 they are about one hundred and six from six depth about 30 inches from just forty eight. If you enter the island of larger size, they can only be used in difficult to clean, there is a lot of work.

kitchen interior design pictureskitchen interior design pictures

That we focus on is one big mistake is not a sufficient light in the kitchen anymore. Adequate lighting for your kitchen workspace, will include a halogen and fluorescent lights. Not enough light in the kitchen, it will be to perform your daily tasks difficult. Claims that interior designer kitchen, excessive heat and stench of the problem is to be added in order to ensure that they are removed from the home for proper ventilation. Many important aspects of this kitchen design kitchen re-modelers ignored the do it yourself.

The kitchen is one of the most important room in your house. Add the aesthetic and practical value to your home it also. Therefore, the design of excellent kitchen is very important. In today's fast-paced world, many families, please refer to each other in the kitchen for breakfast and dinner simple. If your kitchen does not work, these important family meal time, you may functionally difficult. That want to entertain a lot of people, while cooking, the importance of interior design in the kitchen, the meal that result again, to interact with their family and friends is important. Should serve the purpose of providing a space to prepare the meal is going to be an attractive kitchen, to cook.

clean kitchen interior design photosclean kitchen interior design photos

Or if to do it on your own, whether to hire a professional, you are planning to interior design of the kitchen complete, you will before seen in TV shows and Remodeling begins to transform your kitchen into something , please make sure you get your plan in writing.

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Preeti said...

kitchen design is every womens dream to make it look attractive and out of the world.
I have been thinking for many unique designs on pinterest and have found many.
I also ordered Travertine Tiles for my kitchen countertop as they change the whole face of the kitchen.

Eston said...

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Eston said...

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Unknown said...

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