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Posted by Admin on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best Architectural Digest Interior IdeasThe Best Architectural Digest Interior Ideas

One. Tucker Robbins and Asian fusion flare, rustic and contemporary lifestyle.
One of the first designer to theme the furniture of the slab, was completed this appearance, Tucker's studio / house in square feet 16,000 in Long Island City used to host the evening a number of interesting for friends and fans -Robbins was. Operation clever in his forest of local harvest, boasts a better understanding of how silhouette variety, the juxtaposition of wood unfinished raw carvings and dynamic and complex integrity of the actual material teak, acacia or, You.

Two. Joy City Nally modern design is built into the technology of making traditional furniture.
Each piece shows the time and it made an out. A combination of suppression of usage discerning of forest and solid material: In the booth that is expected of all of my hand by adhering to the principal furniture of some basic, well beyond making a custom-built furniture You. Designers, crafts Jonah Zuckerman main In modern times, the line taut, unexpected, reduced to the form in terms of contrasting and sometimes, in many cases, a metal such as decoration subtle on the surface of the wood, mainly is a combination of other materials glass, upholstery, such as acrylic.

Three. Brooklyn-based BDDW hand, American-made furniture.
I made a furniture manufacturer excessive decoration, home / furniture to the most legitimate in Brooklyn to create a custom probably American. Tyler Hayes is a founder and designer of sophisticated urban loft style mixing modern chunky wood and his rustic. At first glance, he will still stay on the cutting edge, and manages to act as leader of the scene "slab furniture" on the saturation. Extra points for taking the furniture with your dog!

Four. Limited edition furniture of Boca de Robomodan is a combination of art and design.
Out from Portugal, the company / Interior furniture is "in the product name, such as Tribeca. Will target the New York market," "Moma in Moma," "Hudson" like this, piano and a period of stylistic different dress clearly Look at the furniture as conversation and judging from the 100 Court of their finish lacquer, patchwork-I art, or a principle in New York any to detect the "American made" a classicism to them can not be .. still .., to be exact because of their complete lack of restraint by combining the scale for material, color, goofy grin and unruly quickened my pulse, my eyes, and is spread , was introduced. Elements that were carved, so luxurious, yet, and gilt ornate on the was on the verge of top heavy for the most part, were beyond the scale, finish all, still, a monk, Free determined clean it I saw all the makings of a pure visual candy wet, was shiny!

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the New York City interior designer should probably be just as famous for his ... should be idyllic—and a place where you look your best for the person in your life.

Kayleigh Lackey said...

Arranging furniture with american accent is really nice when it come to formal occasions.

Executive office furniture said...

Wow..that Really is actually how I would invision furniture. The first image is my favorite!

Eston said...

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