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Posted by Admin on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brown wall for your living room, will exhibit a more traditional appearance. You are a noble bearing of regal colors such as red and purple, you can compare the dark tones. It represents a class and finery. Also, speak reliability, balance, humility and, like that of the good characteristics of respectability. Brown also has provided a variety of tone. Some of my favorite, Mocha, which is light brown or beige conquered. Lamp is great, and area rugs, accentuations a variety of lamp shade of brown, in various shades of these. It is also a nice color to use for such a large living room to make such a large living room look smaller. To choose furniture and accessories is not difficult wall is in harmony with the color of brown. Let me share a few tips.

Brown Living Room Designs PaintLinkBrown Living Room Designs Paint

One of the best colors for mixing with the brown is green. The combination of brown and green, you will create the atmosphere of the room environment to feel cool and calm. Green is also to reduce stress and anxiety, has been particularly pleasing to eye. Can be a shade of light green cushion. You can also paint a pale green hue on the walls of brown. In addition to the plant of the room, to blend with the nature of the interior of the living room of naturally brown. To create a dramatic contrast of the room by combining shades of brown from light to dark hues. For example, a wall of dark brown furniture is the best in a light brown. Avoid large dark brown furniture. This will destroy the balance between the wish to nurture in your living room. Furniture, such as large-scale entertainment furniture sets, sofas, cabinets and other,, it must be the same shade. In order to avoid the monotony too, has a different tint of a particular color.

Perfect Brown Living Room IdeasPerfect Brown Living Room Ideas

It is also, also, because it is a natural color, you can try the brown color of the blue of your living room. You have the choice of top turquoise blue, green, and ducks, small. Would your living room look old, if let's finally become brown, and just boring room. Please put the other bright colors such as pink and red. You can select pictures and put a photo of you and the sea the sea wall. When placed on the wall, since there is noticeable that they may or may not choose the color of the metal or wood - you and your photo frame. Brown living room is as well to see white furniture. Please choose a cream or dirty white. This will match the wall better than a clean white hue. A large piece of furniture you can be this color.

Chrome and clear acrylic is ideal for seating equipment. In addition, in shades of chocolate brown and Dakumoka, you can have them. Faint glow of the lamp will create a wall of brown look best. Affect the atmosphere of the room the color of the lamp shade. Gets the seat of love of this area of ​​the room to be able to read your favorite book. You are using a curtain of pale pink or blue. In addition, you can choose the one white. If your lamp is beige and cream colors, we have used the same color as the curtain. Your furniture Let us go to accessories and decorative objects, that you know what color to get right now. Having a progressive pattern around the room, all to attack and differentiation balance at the same time is a good technique. You can also gradually changing hue.

Chocolate Brown Living RoomChocolate Brown Living Room

Select the print pattern, such as those for a circular area rugs and throw pillows checker, or stripe. This option also accentuations vases and pots. You can choose what you get, another good combination is a cream color brown mixed with teal and aqua blue. It does not mean that to get a wall of brown color, safe, and that you're playing for fear of a challenge to the new things for your living room. You can put a new one in the living room still brown - the furniture to reflect your individuality. I have said of the brown wall design is just easy, and tried to many people.

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Fish oil said...

Banish any idea that dark walls make for a dark, dull room. The proof is in the paint (and everything else). Darker walls create a more sophisticated atmosphere.

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