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Almost any part of the tree can be reused. Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Design of an old barn, house, bridge, fence, commercial structure, such as plants, antique gold, graineries, broken furniture, pallets, please use the wood from the other. Recycled wood is inferior to the new timber?. Not at all. Well-aged wood is better than new wood for most applications. Because it is mature, timber or twist, may be new to warp like wood. It's rich colors and characters that are not included in the new timber, resulting in the appearance of the recycled wood is to record its history, has a warm glow.

The Best Rustic Wood FurnitureThe Best Rustic Wood Furniture

recylced wood, or wood is the cheapest source? No, in many cases, you can get a free recycled wood, it will pay a lot of work to prepare the wood for reuse. expect to pay more for products recylced. What is involved in the recycled wood was prepared for reuse? You need to remove all foreign objects that may damage your tools that you used to work wood. This is to prevent damage to the trees, a systematic way must be done carefully. Basically, nails, bolts, screws, glue joints, remove the ones that hold together the structure of the tree.

Perfect Rustic Wood FurniturePerfect Rustic Wood Furniture

In many cases, nail withdrawal, refusing to destroy from the inside. Hidden nail wood, to see whether the free expensive metal cutting blade, plane blades, router bits, you can ruin the like, metal detectors, in order to scan every square inch of the wood will be used. (Tips on how to remove the steel from the wood will be subject soon.)

Elegant Rustic Wood FurnitureElegant Rustic Wood Furniture

Risk involved in the recycling timber available? Yes, in many cases the old buildings, which contain hazardous substances, rotting beams supporting you in a bad way to begin removing the trees and the instability of the remaining trees, floor boards, etc. can be attributed to may.

Consult an expert in the field: Before you begin, please identify all possible hazards.
Please be careful to:
1) of asbestos insulation
2) The feces of rodents (may also carry the disease).
3) chemical
4) lead-based paint
5) The failure of the structure

Antique Rustic Wood FurnitureAntique Rustic Wood Furniture

"Do not try this at home" is the best policy. Will the risk of endangering anyone why all these? When you are aware of the risk can take steps to neutralize this danger. The reason is worth the trouble to use recycled wood it is here.

1) reducing the need to cut the tree of life to produce your product.
2) You can enjoy the products from a tree that is no longer available for the harvesting of our forests today. It will take hundreds of years in order to grow the tree as our ancestors used.
3) Set a sense of accomplishment gained from working across and beyond the sense of your new timber.
Unique Rustic Wood FurnitureUnique Rustic Wood Furniture

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