Beautiful White Chest of Draws, Unique Chest of Draws, The Best Chest of Draws

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Beautiful White Chest of DrawsBeautiful White Chest of Draws

Chest of drawers, it is possible to store all sorts of things, is one of the most popular pieces of furniture. If you have an antique chest of drawers you will notice a big difference in the production of contemporary furniture with them. Antique mahogany chest of drawers, oak, walnut, are made either of wood or some other high-quality pine. It is one of the better quality timber, even if not, it is made of real wood, at least.
Simple Chest of DrawsSimple Chest of Draws

Contemporary chest of drawers is made of MDF or chip board like a pretty likely. Particle board or plywood (called by different names in different countries), bonded together, all typically over 12 mm, 18 mm thick, is composed of tiny chips of wood compressed in the machine a flat substrate. These wood chips, fragments of the size of unused or unusable wood timber factory, and comes from recycled old wood furniture. These boards can be plywood, furniture buyers to purchase, are used in flat-pack furniture you have to assemble it by them self. Buy ready-made furniture from the store even has been delivered to the store it as a flat pack, you may have assembled a staff.

Unique Chest of DrawsUnique Chest of Draws

MDF (medium density fiberboard), the smaller the particles, the same thing again. This can then be processed into a final product for more information, a very colorful part can be produced that are painted or veneered. Done a reasonably expensive piece materials, using these two types, which are produced annually in the name of the top manufacturers. If they can sell them at all, and the buyer tries to resell them, they find they have little resale value.

The Best Chest of DrawsThe Best Chest of Draws

Many people are when it comes to quality, antique chest of drawers to defeat the trust is not possible. These are usually hand using traditional woodworking joints such as the consistent use of good quality wood is done. These forests are very expensive these days, and protected species, or in some cases, banned from being imported. Very expensive amount of labor required, handmade works of contemporary and reflects this in its price. How the whole work is built and handmade antique and modern unit with particle board fasteners made of metal with plastic to keep it completely different. Antiques unit, and the result precisely cut and glued joints are glued together by hand in a much stronger joint. The whole unit is very strong, long lasting, and more visually pleasing.

Many people, in order to obtain good manufacturing standards for a reasonable price, prefer to buy antiques for his own use. Even furniture from the early 20th century, now widely used prior to using particle board, can be a good value and good quality. I remember that there are problems with modern chest of drawers made of particle board construction. Adhered to the drawer runners kept jumping out of the will not close when they managed to open and I finally fell from the bottom drawer? And flimsy. After the annoying experience, I decided to buy a good quality chest of drawers only. more info

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