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beautiful interior table lamp designbeautiful interior table lamp design

In the past two centuries, the West has been continuously re-inspired by Oriental interior design. This was the first time in the 18th century with the first English embassy to the Chinese empire in 1793 when Emperor Qianlong received by Lord McCartney in Beijing. This historic event began diplomatic relations with the English love of Chinese art and decoration, reaching a high point during the English Regency of George IV.

unique beautiful interior rod table lamp designunique beautiful interior rod table lamp design

The French, however, that the love of Chinese art and culture of Europe from the French word "Chinoiserie" to describe this strange, inspired decorative styles. Today's enthusiasm for the internal East-West continues to grow, especially with China's recent rapprochement with the West. Chinoiserie, a French word, pronounced "shin, wahz - REE" implicated "in Chinese - esque" or "anything reflecting Chinese culture: the ancient Chinese art, design, art, or behavior."

Simple Design Table LampSimple Design Table Lamp

However, to gain a richer understanding of the classic style of decorating, we need to return on time to the intrepid traveler, Marco Polo. The famous Venetian who first opened the eyes of the West to the mysterious land, known as China's Middle Kingdom and China. In the late 13TH, new and exciting products to Europe started to trickle out of China, the land is still hidden and virtually unknown to the West. Europe's imports of exotic silk, lacquered furniture and dishes, all very expensive and purchased only by the wealthy social classes were fascinated. This beautiful and curious objects of decoration Europe to develop a Chinese interpretation of the French label, "Chinoiserie" is the result.

Unusual Design Table LampUnusual Design Table Lamp

The mid-18th century French aristocratic demand for luxury interior design with the various kings, including King Louis XV of France in Europe, especially to the benefit of this exciting style as well, especially with the exotic style of the day mixed. In true Chinoiserie fairyland, mandarins lived in fanciful, mountainous landscapes with cobweb bridges. They do flower parasols, lolled in flimsy bamboo pavilions haunted by dragons and phoenix, the monkey turns scrolling borders, always delicately drawn and full of free-flowing move with a beautifully balanced composition.

energy efficient led luminance Design Table Lampenergy efficient led luminance Design Table Lamp

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