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Posted by Admin on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Perfect Villa Design ImagePerfect Villa Design Image

High-tech architecture in the "spirit of the age" is. The light industry, according to the "age" that is characterized by the very technological advances. As a result, buildings are built with high technology applications such as car and streamlined look, with metal and glass as building materials. However, performance is often more important than the cost of aesthetics is often lost.

Luxury Villa Design IdeaLuxury Villa Design Idea

Another convention to expose the structural elements of architecture, high tech and services. Building high-tech, most pipes and ventilation ducts in outside walls, even if it means a separate sealing and insulation, while others are heavily exposed steel frame. Exposure such that the industrial sector, but also to establish "service areas" instead of "room", with the interior of large pipes and channels.

Best Villa Design PhotoBest Modern Villa Design Photo

High-tech architecture that is suited to an urban environment, the need for large areas of the building Bypyrayh and to fulfill its potential.Secondly, high-tech buildings seem to control the environment around them rather than adapting it, as is required in the city.

Luxury Villa Design PictureLuxury Villa Design Picture

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