False Ceiling Design

Posted by Admin on Saturday, December 17, 2011

Looking for a great way to decorate your ceiling? Are you sick just looking cables or wires, or when you look up? If you are looking for a solution to one of these you, if you want more than just a luxurious ceiling, and others can get the ceiling in your room to impress your visitors do not. The false ceiling and there are many types, you can make a big difference in the effect of the room. Or if your budget is sufficient, without moving the furniture room, if I want to make it look dramatic and impressive, you should consider some of these designs on the ceiling.

How do I speak false ceiling is like? The false ceiling is simply a ceiling under the roof are supported as usual. With that in mind, and if you do all sorts of tricks of light can be obtained at the ceiling, false. You have different false ceilings Nestle, creating a layered look of the ceiling, you can add a different light by the corner of the biggest drama for you. Also, the rooms can be tall to be visible, depending on how you use it

Is there any kind of these false ceiling? Plaster, metal, and plaster of Paris: There are three main types of these ceilings. Plaster ceiling, so are the finest selection of lightweight, flexible, running more resistant properties. These panels, and can be square or tapered, can bridge the gap between panels. You get the ceiling plaster board panels with nails strong and flexible, can be resistant and fire. The metal roof, minimal, requiring a clean look, best appreciated in the interior where there is heavy equipment and industrial-sized room. Finally, the plaster of Paris, since they harden quickly, and is great for those ceiling, can be pasted on the fiber board hanging from the ceiling. These are perfect for that smooth, uniform appearance.

You have a lot of these designs to choose from if you know the material do the work. Unlike regular ceilings, false ceilings, these different light sources and optical effects and can be molded into fantastic shapes of the waves and dashed rounded shape and fantastic playing with different colored lights You may have. Minimal furniture that you have, if you need maximum impact, one of these ceilings, this room is definitely the way to go to ensure that cutting-edge cool and always remembered as .

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