Underground House Floor Plan Ideas

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Underground House Floor Plan IdeasUnderground House Floor Plan Ideas

You are you the only thing visible is the owner may Hobbit because there may be a set of doors and windows leaves covered the hill if it occurs beyond the home that was built from the floor plan of the house in the basement You may be forgiven for thinking not know. This type of home, actually made from cement, partially or fully submerged in the ground, the dome is a series of small mutual.

Unconventional house floor plan of this kind, in terms of energy saving and environmental benefits is a step in the right direction for those who actually think outside the box. Housing that is protected underground earth, such as living room, has its benefits, the amount of energy use will have a very conservative view.

When considering the floor plan of the house in the basement, look for the following applications.

A. Floor plan of the house, you will need to blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor. The purpose is present in harmony with nature closely.

Two. From the windows must be honeycomb style to take advantage of solar energy.

Three. Because it does not open the window of this type of floor plan, air intake system using the filter must be installed to draw fresh air from the outside. Help keep unwanted pests filter.

Four. Air must be fueled from the collector of the solar home through duct work to lock store under the main living space. The system stores, resulting in the maintenance of an efficient heat exchange to work with insulating soil to maintain a comfortable temperature year round. A good system, will not require additional heating or cooling.

Dome-shaped rooms give rise to a wall area of ​​maximum and minimum floor area. Floor area, if you do not conform to the expectations of existing house, and are defined by the curved wall with a sharp angle there is no living space. Natural light, it can be channeled into the house through the use of a skylight lined with natural reflective material

It started in the 1970s from their Austrian architect floor plan of the house in the basement that Eisenhofer. Sadly, just as most of the hippie experiment, has dismissed the plan of the house energy efficient and ingenious of him. Interest in housing that is protected only by the earth, it has been within the past few years that has attracted the attention of some. So that you can only increase energy-efficient alternative, the popularity of the basement floor of the house has been planning and become more environmentally conscious people.
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