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Posted by Admin on Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Home Decorations PhotosWhite Home Decorations Photos

Art collection of many on how to make home decorations with their art collections to be confused with value. Maybe you can paint your furniture and other furniture, or the color contrast between the art work and the room does not match is not in harmony. This is why the distinction between art and design decoration there. Only when gathered to learn how to choose artwork that can be your room, these problems can be gradually settled the match.
First, we must clearly a matter which method of display in art galleries that house is different. Send it to appreciate, not to the public, so the works can be different in style We like free.

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Works of art, paintings are flat, suitable for home decoration. Show positions must complete the wall is chosen for appreciation. Except the theme and style of painting, we must consider whether the drawing area, walls, furniture and surrounding area ratio is good or not. Moreover, how to balance between the vibrant paintings and furniture hanging position and neighbors must also be considered. Small paintings as a good choice when the size of small and large wall paintings can be the size of the crowd; large paintings as the preferred size of small and large wall paintings look as blank and empty. However, appropriate space left on the wall is important, or the magnificent art will be dropped.

Yellow Home DecorationsYellow Home Decorations

For the effect, in the style of painting can be symmetrically arranged. For example, one or more paintings can be high in the central part of sofa, fireplace or hung jetty; while the non-symmetrical arrangement can produce live effects. In general, paint the edges should not be too close to the edges of furniture, and at least 20 - 30cm gap should be left; color painting and the frame must agree that the furniture, which can be coordinated to produce beauty.

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Although each piece of artwork is a special character and beauty, they should be in good coordinations with the environment, and their charm or beauty in the eyes of lovers lose. Provide resources related to art.

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